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Fine Art Boudoir – Film Photography

BOUDOIR – noun

bou·​doir | \ ˈbü-ˌdwär  \

Definition: A woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room

What is boudoir photography?
Boudoir photography is meant for all body types! Rooted in positivity, self-love and compassion; think of it as a gift to yourself. Find solace while adorning yourself in flirtatious unmentionables and adventure into your sensuality! As more and more women learn about boudoir, they’re seeing it as the empowering, body-positive experience it is. It is truly about celebrating yourself–and feeling beautiful in every way. The images and memories we create are designed to allow you to look back at a particular time in your life where you were truly able to embrace EVERY inch of yourself.

Why book a shoot?
Aside from a fun day of self love, it is a day to celebrate life, play dress up and feel glamorous! Don’t wait to embrace your body, the time to appreciate your beauty is now!

How it works
Typically I prefer to shoot boudoir in a location that is most comfortable for the client. Many times this might be the client’s home, or perhaps an Airbnb or local hotel. The important factor when choosing location is finding good light. Once the client decides to set-up a shoot I’ll schedule a time to either sit down or virtually meet and go over shoot details, pricing and any add-ons. Things we’ll discuss: location, outfit choice, mood board images, etc. If you decide to shoot at your home a pre-shoot visit to assess the room and lighting may be required. Together we will design the perfect boudoir day!

For suggested Airbnb locations please check out Tom’s List Here.

Great hotels to book in the Tulsa/OKC area are:


boudior session


45 Minute Shoot
Up to 3 Looks
5 Edits



Black & White Film
1 Additional Look
Additional Time
3 Additional Edits

– R E C E N T W O R K –

“Accept who you are and revel in it”

– Mitch albom

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“Be fearless, love yourself, your mind , your body and your heart. Take comfort in knowing you will find your power and that power will make you unstoppable”

– Emily Comnick