recent roll: Cuba; airbnb excursions and explorations

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recent roll: Cuba; airbnb excursions and explorations

During my Cuban expedition we got to visit Havana, Vinales Valley, and Veradero! We had the pleasure of booking AIRBNB’s in two different neighborhoods throughout our stay in Havana. In Old Havana we were directly behind El Capitolio, smack dab in the “crumbles”. It was an incredibly authentic and humbling experience. If you’re comfortable living amongst the locals you’ll be well off in this area since its so close to everything in Old Havana you can walk pretty much anywhere. Check out some of the shots below. Shot on Kodak Portra with a Fujifilm Klasse S.

Vinales Valley and Veradero were both excursions that we wound up booking thru our first AIRBNB guide Robin. It was definitely worth it to get out of the city and catch a glimpse of the small towns dotted along the countryside and beach. Check out the pristine beaches of Veradero and the world-class tobacco fields of Vinales below!



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