How to Frame Your Print

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How to Frame Your Print

You’ve received your print in the mail! Now what?! Don’t trip, here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your TOMSHOTTA print 🙂
First things first, when you receive your poster it will need some time to flatten out. Lay it down on a clean table, gently flatten any curls with a weight on each corner, and allow the poster to sit for a few hours.
Note: Coffee table books work great for this!

Lets get to it! Personally I prefer to use these Teak Wood Poster Hangers. Not only do they look great, they’re inexpensive, easy-to-use, and artwork can easily be swapped out to change the aesthetics in your space. Keep in mind the size of your poster hanger will depend on the orientation of your print; landscape prints will need a 36″ and portrait prints will need a 24″.

This next option is for all the DIYers out there. With a little creativity and some of the materials listed below you can fashion a makeshift “frame/hanger” out of everyday materials. Check out this blog post to see detailed instructions on how to DIY a poster hanger.

Lastly, the most obvious method, traditional framing! This is great if you plan to display the piece for a long period of time. Frames provide protection from dust and any greasy fingers that might come in contact with the print, plus the choice of frames is practically endless! A 24 x 36″ frame will suffice, unless you plan to mat your photo.

However, we aren’t done yet!

Now that our print is framed there’s one more thing to think about, viewing distance!! Viewing distance is the “optimal” distance that a print should be displayed, this will determine whether you place a print behind a sofa or bed, or along an easily accessible wall. For smaller sized prints the viewing distance will be shorter and for larger prints it will be longer. There’s a formula to calculate this distance however since you’re most likely hanging a 24 x 36″ print the optimal viewing distance is ~3.5 ft.



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