A Film Photographers Guide to Staying Sane During Quarantine

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A Film Photographers Guide to Staying Sane During Quarantine

Since COVID-19 has officially taken over the world, everything is now on pause and many of us are finding ourselves with way too much idle time.
In an effort to distract myself from the eternally grim news stations, I’ve come up with this brief list of the only things keeping me sane during quarantine, I hope it helps.

1. Crack open a cookbook

With so many restaurants closed, and stay-at-home orders still in full effect there isn’t a better time to look through a cookbook or your favorite foodie IG for recipe inspiration. This is number one on my list not only because I’ve been stuffing my face with vegan & vegetarian snacks, but because it also provides an excellent opportunity for food photography!

Recently, I’ve found myself studying Jenne Claiborne’s Sweet Potato Soul recipes religiously before grocery store runs.

2. Organize your shit

Since finally archiving my film negatives this past year I’ve realized the importance of keeping your work shit orderly. Besides, no matter how well your stuff is organized, it can always be better. Here’s a list of the products I’ve been using to get my 35mm film negatives in order:

3. Start or finish that creative project

Everyone has that project they either never started or haven’t re-visited in months; you know what I’m talking about, that website, blog post, or YouTube video… the list could go on! Seriously, take advantage of all this extra time to reassess your old passion projects or dive into new ones.

During the past few weeks I’ve been brushing up on my Adobe InDesign skills, creating the first drafts of my stickers that you can check out here!

Stay safe, peace and love <3



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