recent roll: Tulsa, OK; Britt’s Plant Room

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recent roll: Tulsa, OK; Britt’s Plant Room

Linked up with my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Britt, to do a quick shoot in her breathtaking pad! The west facing windows in her apartment capture the sun perfectly, filling the room with gorgeous soft light and as you’ll see from the images, her plant collection is absolutely mind blowing! Check out a few frames from the roll below.

Britt is a Detroit native, who’s always had the desire to help people. With her current business, Branding With Britt she serves as a Social Media Coach and Consultant teaching people how to organically grow a business presence, build their social media following, gain new clients/customers, and attain influence.

So if you’re an aspiring influencer, small business owner, or just someone wanting to learn how to navigate the social media world, Britt can help.

Check her out at !

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