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Tips for receiving your first fine art print

Here are a few housekeeping tips for receiving your fine art print from TOMSHOTTA.COM:

When handling your print please wear the cotton gloves provided in order to keep any dirt and/or oils from coming in contact with the printed surface. When inspecting the print lay the image out on a dry, clean and flat surface. For storage, delicately roll the print up and place it back into the tube provided.

Whether you display your print uncovered or in a frame under glass or acrylic board, try to avoid hanging in direct sunlight as this may cause the color may fade over time.

Size & Viewing Distance:
Viewing a print from a distance shorter than intended can expose natural artifacts created by 35mm film such as grain. However, at an appropriate viewing distance, none of these artifacts are visible. In order to maximize the enjoyment from your print please keep in mind these two (2) things when purchasing:

Size & Viewing Distance

This refers to the size of your space AND the size of your print. For instance, 11 x 14″ prints might be hung in a hallway, while an 18 x 24″ can be hung behind a desk, and a 24 x 36″ could be hung behind a sofa or another large piece of furniture. Feel free to refer to the graphic above for the appropriate viewing distances for available print sizes.

Should the print be damaged in any way upon receipt, photograph the damage and email a copy to for a replacement free of charge.

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